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When designing a child bicycle trailer, it stands to reason that the bare minimum safety standard should be to ensure the wheels, safety belt, and tow bar are safe. Without these three elements, there is nothing else that can be done to make the trailer safe to use. Despite this,

The regulators are starting to pay attention. Hoverboards were a popular toy to give and receive on Christmas morning, but many who received these gifts had no idea just how dangerous they are. Hoverboards are supposed to be self-balancing, but the dozens of emergency room visits caused by people falling

The Dremel MICRO 8050 Rotary Tool has been recalled by the Robert Bosch Tool Corp., due to multiple major issues with the device that put consumers at risk. Though there is an element of risk in most power tools, it is clear the Dremel model in question was not properly

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s just another symptom of the design problems that cause all too many accidents. Andy Greenberg was piloting his SUV down the freeway when suddenly the car began to slow. There were a number of potential explanations, but most people never would have guessed

For twenty years they’ve been on the market. For twenty years they’ve appeared on television and in movies, and even people who have never experienced an MRI firsthand still have a basic understanding of the machines. One of the most important rules, one that almost everybody knows, is how important

There are few words more terrifying to hear on the evening news that “toy recall.” Sadly, we hear those words far too often. With toy injuries on the rise, according to a recent press release from Consumer Reports, it is more important than ever that parents are aware of how

Take a look around your home and in your yard. Do you know the status of everything you have purchased as far as its dependability, probability for breakdown, or potential placement on the recall list? Chances are unless you subscribe to regular newsfeeds from an organization like the Consumer Products

We know how tempting it is to take it upon ourselves to complete household projects, repairs and renovations. Those televisions shows make it look so easy. With just a few simple tools and a few minutes to spare, we should have a new room or cabinet installation done in no

Are you keeping up with the news on recent recalls published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission? This organization provides updated news on recalls involving home products and appliances, children’s clothing, baby products, and much more. Subscribing to a service such as this could mean all the difference between purchasing