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The True Tale: Americans buy products by the millions. All are intended for safe and effective use. But are they? Most are, but what about those that bring harm right to the consumer’s front door? Example; A motorized lawnmower that jams up and ultimately slices a hand due to a cheap

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cracked down on Bayer’s controversial birth control device, Essure, after repeated reports of the device migrating or causing other significant side effects. Though the FDA initially approved the device in 2002, the government agency is now requiring Bayer to conduct further safety tests.

Every once in a while, a pharmaceutical company will release a drug dangerous enough to draw national attention. Whether it be Zoloft causing significant birth defects, Paxil being associated with suicidal ideation, or Ambien causing people to do dangerous things in their sleep, these cases temporarily remind the American public

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been prescribed opioids over the last twenty years on the promise that these dangerous drugs provided significant pain relief, particularly for chronic pain. Millions of Vicodin and Oxycontin have been dispensed, and now Fentanyl patches have caused hundreds of deaths across the country, ravaging

Supplements have been all over the news for the last year, mostly regarding whether or not the substance indicated on the packaging is even in the product you are buying. The Food and Drug Administration gives manufacturers broad leeway on regulation, and will only step in when consumer fraud is

Depression and mood disorders affect millions of Americans every year and the numbers keep growing. Anyone can suffer with depression, even one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen reveals in his new book that he has struggled with depression for a number of years

You rarely hear or read about it, but it seriously affects the health and welfare of thousands and thousands of Americans. It can have almost no symptoms, and yet lurk in your system just waiting for the worst possible time for a clot to break free. It can cause stroke

The commercials are on every football game, giving a name to a long-time struggle for many men. Low-T was unheard of for decades, but now is coming closer and closer to being a household term, just as happened with ED after Viagra became heavily advertised. For many red-blooded American males,

Being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes is a terrifying experience, especially once your friends and families start sharing stories of people they knew who lost limbs or went blind because of the disease. There are also the degenerative nerve conditions which often accompany the affliction. It is no wonder, then,