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Three preschool staff in Des Plaines, Indiana are under indictment after serving melatonin gummies to small children under their care. The three women administered the supplement to toddlers before naptime, hoping to force the children to fall asleep and make their own jobs easier. One of the women was caught

On occasion, the line between care and negligence can be blurred. For example, failure to properly monitor a young child using kid-safe scissors can result in a cut, even with the dull blades. Children can also quickly swallow a bead or other small object if caregivers are not paying careful

Finding a daycare facility is a difficult and stressful task for parents. Even with diligent research, there is always that lingering thought, worrying if your child is truly safe in someone else’s hands. To ease the minds of moms and dads across the city, two lawmakers would like to see

Every day millions of Americans head to work and entrust the safety of their children to daycare workers. Their job is to provide the same care and supervision at the daycare facility that a child would receive at home with his or her parents. When this trust is broken and

The signs can be particularly difficult to see. Daycare abuse is staggeringly common in the United States, and many types of abuse leave very visible marks. If your child is punched, kicked, or pushed, there is likely to be a bruise. Scratches and cuts can be telltale signs that abuse

People who take advantage of others do so in all walks of their lives. They display a pattern of behavior, and oftentimes once they are caught doing one thing wrong investigators discover a whole list of other crimes. That is the case with the women in charge of the Alphabet

When we pick our children up from daycare, we usually ask them how their days went, and we smile to hear stories of songs, games, and other activities. There is something incredibly reassuring about having our children tell us how much fun they are having, and we assume that if

It’s hard to pick a daycare, but we do our best. We tour the place ahead of time, and we ask all the important questions. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. A tour of the facility can be staged to hide any problems. All the light sockets can be safety plugged and