Daycare Injury: When It's Difficult to Know


It’s hard to pick a daycare, but we do our best. We tour the place ahead of time, and we ask all the important questions. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. A tour of the facility can be staged to hide any problems. All the light sockets can be safety plugged and all the toxic substances can be locked up just as long as you are there. All the staff can be friendly and smiling, and it can look like the kids are having a great time. The snacks might be healthy and the schedule educational, but there’s no way to be certain that the most important rule of all is followed. There’s no way to be sure that the caregivers are watching the children at all times.

The importance of this is underscored by a case in Georgia. An Atlanta area daycare is being shut down by the state after it was revealed the tragic death of a 3-year old occurred because the people in charge weren’t watching. They had allowed themselves to become distracted with the disciplining of other children, forgetting their most important duty was to ensure safety. When they found the boy, he had a string around his throat and had died of asphyxiation. The woman who ran the day care expresses remorse, but remorse can’t bring back the lost child. The state invoked an emergency closure, but this can’t undo the past. If you are searching for a daycare facility for your child:

  • Ask to speak to other parents to make sure there haven’t been any major safety concerns.
  • Stop in a few times unannounced instead of just going for a scheduled tour.
  • Watch the play areas from a distance if possible to make sure caregivers are always around.
  • Ask if the facility allows remote viewing through internet-enabled cameras.

We can only do the best we can, and sometimes the best we can isn’t good enough. If your child has been injured or killed because of negligence at a daycare facility, please contact a lawyer to help the process of holding those responsible accountable. This is the only way to protect other children from suffering as yours did.

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