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Parents expect that their children will be in a safe environment when they’re at school, but it appears that at one Long Island middle school, the administration didn’t do nearly enough to keep their students safe. A new lawsuit filed on Sept. 3 against the Northport-East Northport Union Free School

The True Tale: At a young age children are precocious. With unlimited energy they run around a small apartment as if competing in the NYC Marathon. Each corner is a new adventure! Each window sill a place to rub with little fingers! Each door to be swung open and shut

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has been under fire for nearly a year for failing to properly protect the children of New York from exposure to lead paint and lead pipes in older apartments. Despite being trusted with enforcement of important policies regarding lead exposure, the NYCHA was

Since investigative reporting first revealed the New York City Housing Authority had failed in its duty to monitor apartments and homes for lead paint, the city and Mayor have consistently attempted to downplay the extent of the problem. Yet as reporters have continued to dig, indications are that the initial

The New York City Housing Authority came under attack by local newspapers in recent months when it was discovered the NYCHA failed to provide legally mandated lead paint inspections, that when those inspections were provided they were often performed by under-trained personnel, and that the NYCHA lied and obfuscated in

It is alarming to note that the New York City water supply to public schools and homes in certain cases, has a lead content that exceeds the safety threshold established by the Environmental Protection Agency. This becomes a serious issue when it is scientifically known that lead is an environmental

Since the water contamination in Flint, Michigan, made national headlines there has been a growing concern about the dangers of lead in water supplies, especially when it comes to the health and safety of children. Just this week a Long Island school district announced water fountains in six schools had