Year: 2017


The month of December wraps up with three major holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. Each of these dates brings with it significant risk factors that should be at the forefront of a person’s mind as they navigate the season. Safety should be paramount at all times.

A festive Christmas tree is a holiday tradition in many households. There are a variety of ways to get a tree, from visiting a tree lot to going out into the forest and cutting down your own. Bringing it home, setting it up, and decorating it can be a family

When Type II Diabetes is discussed, a certain degree of victim-blaming often takes place. People are quick to point out that diet and exercise are associated with the development of this dangerous disease, with the implied assumption that individuals with Diabetes could prevent the chemical reactions occurring in their body

Most Americans are familiar with the term “black ice,” though many do not differentiate between black ice and other forms of ice on roadways. During winter months, it is common in many areas for thick layers of ice to develop, but these are not black ice because they are more

A chiropractor and his wife confessed to engineering a scam to defraud insurance companies by overstating the extent of injuries suffered by people under their care. As part of the scam, the St. Louis couple bribed police officers for access to accident reports and other documents not meant for public

When people hear of a burn injury in an industrial setting, most assume that a fire caused the injury. But in reality, steam is the culprit more often than not. Fires are rare in these types of settings, but steam has a variety of industrial and commercial uses that put

Depakote (or Divalproex) has been long established to cause birth defects. Even before the FDA issued official guidance in 2009, the medical literature clearly indicated a linkage between Depakote and a variety of problems, including spinal bifida and cleft palate. Lawsuits and settlements in the intervening years have even more

Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT, is a condition where a blood clot develops in a “deep vein.” Deep veins are further from the skin or surface of the body, in contrast to superficial veins, which are the veins that can easily be seen during an examination. Because they are buried

Elderly individuals and people with disabilities often have to rely on either the kindness of strangers, state programs, or public transportation to get to places like the grocery store or the doctor’s office. Unable to obtain a Driver’s License, limited options exist to provide people who can’t drive with the

A British newspaper investigation is drawing attention to a worldwide problem with working conditions in factories owned and run by Amazon, and unsafe practices the company utilizes regarding their delivery drivers. Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the United States. Despite the massive profits, the company stands accused