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The True Tale: Americans buy products by the millions. All are intended for safe and effective use. But are they? Most are, but what about those that bring harm right to the consumer’s front door? Example; A motorized lawnmower that jams up and ultimately slices a hand due to a cheap

The Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implant was supposed to be a game-changer, offering significantly improved longevity. Longevity is among the most important factors when choosing a hip implant, as the more times a revision is done, the greater risk of scar tissue build-up, complications from the surgery, and damage to the

It is a terrible thing to develop and release a dangerous product, such as the defectively designed Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants released by DePuy. These products broke down quickly due to defective design, with metal shavings from the faulty implants being released into the body, putting patients at risk for

Depuy hip replacement systems, such as the Depuy ASR hip implant, have been associated with significant issues from the moment they were first released. Subject to fracture under trauma, and with the implants suffering significant deterioration much more quickly than anticipated, these devices have resulted in diminished quality of life

The rise of metal-on-metal hip implants was supposed to be a game changer for these orthopedic procedures, as older models had short lifetimes and required replacement often. Each surgery carries the risk of infection or medical mistake, and limiting the number of procedures needed over the course of a person’s

Depuy Orthopedics has been under increasing scrutiny the last few years, as more and more of the products it develops have faced recall. The Depuy Attune Knee system faced a recall after it failed to properly adhere to bone, resulting in failed knee replacements and significant pain for those who