Year: 2016


Alcohol plays a big part of the holidays. Parties and gatherings with family, friends, and co-workers include wine, beer, and other spirits to go with the celebration. Unfortunately, that means there is a greater risk of intoxicated drivers getting behind the wheel and causing a serious accident. And while the

Earlier this year a 565-foot crane collapsed at a construction site in lower Manhattan, killing a 38-year old man on his way to work in the Financial District. High wind gusts on a cold February day were thought to be the reason for the collapse. However, city officials with the

Defective products can cause accidents, injuries and potentially serious illnesses. Product recalls by the company or manufacturer, along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, are designed to inform the public of hazardous products and provide information on how to return or exchange them and obtain a refund. It is important

New York City streets are busy this time of year as residents and visitors bustle about with the holidays less than a month away. The increase of cars and pedestrians coupled with early sunsets makes it more likely for accidents and injuries to occur. For this reason, Mayor Bill de