Category: Elder Abuse

elderly man sitting alone in a New York nursing home room

In nursing homes in New York and throughout the United States, physical and emotional abuse are not the only forms of elder abuse. Another common form of nursing home abuse is financial abuse. Financial abuse is when an individual or organization mismanages, conceals, or outright steals an elderly individual’s money, property, or other assets. While

If you have had to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home, you want them to receive the absolute best care and be treated with compassion and respect at all times. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Nursing home abuse and neglect cases are common throughout New York.

A nursing home should be an environment where your loved one can receive the care and they need to thrive. Although nursing homes have a duty to keep your loved one safe and healthy, many organizations fail to perform this essential responsibility. In the worst cases, your loved one may