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Injuries from dog bites are preventable. Yet, every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are sent to the hospital by dog bites, costing an average of $400 million. In New York State, dog owners can be held legally responsible for injuries, damages, or death caused by the actions of their dogs. If

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in New York, it is vital to know the laws regarding animal attacks and what type of compensation might be available to you. Being bitten by a dog can be devastating, leaving physical and emotional scars that can

Dogs on walks have always posed some risk to pedestrians, as it is impossible to predict when an animal might become aggressive. Though there are steps a person can take to mitigate the risk, such as never approaching an unfamiliar dog, being careful around dogs that are sleeping, and not

Dog bites can cause significant injury and even death. When a dog bites a person, there is a risk of damage to muscle and bone, and also a risk of infection. But the most significant risk comes from nerve damage. A particularly vicious dog bite can sever a nerve entirely,

A February 5, 2018 story by Lauren Coronado of KESQ in California carries the headline “Child bitten by a possible service dog at Palm Desert grocery store.” Though there are many interesting details in the story, the headline conveys the most important piece of information, which is that all too

Service animals have become a common sight in most cities and in many smaller towns across the United States. These animals, usually dogs, are specially trained to assist persons with disabilities in navigating the world around them. These canines were originally used as “guide dogs” to help individuals with visual

The numbers are mind-boggling. In just three year times, in just one suburban community in Tennessee, there were 1100 dog bites, a rate of almost exactly one dog bite a day. Dog bites can often lead to infection and scarring, and almost always cause significant pain to the victim, yet

Most of us have gotten at least one ticket in our lives. Chances are it was for something relatively minor, like going a few miles over the speed limit or jaywalking. For the vast majority of us, whatever we were ticketed for didn’t cause injury or death to anyone else.

Many people insist their dogs are friendly and well-trained, and there is no risk at all to have children around them. Pet owners insist their animals have never been aggressive toward anyone, and that the uncomfortable feeling large dog get around small children is unreasonable. People insist that few dogs

You don’t want to cause trouble. Maybe you’re out for your morning jog, or walking to the store, or even just out getting the morning paper or afternoon mail. You notice a dog is wandering the neighborhood, and you just assume that one of the neighbors’ dogs is running loose.