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A terrible tragedy in Florida is drawing attention to all the elements that can go wrong when constructing a bridge. The pedestrian bridge was not yet open when the bridge collapsed on March 15th, 2018, killing six people. Sadly, traffic was allowed to continue to pass under the bridge even

A terrifying bridge collapse on October 8th in Corona, California left at least eight workers seriously injured. Now, those workers are struggling to get by as they wait for answers determining the extent of their injuries and whether or not they can ever return to the jobs that provided their

The rainy season has arrived in much of the United States, and as always the highways of America have become more dangerous. Many people struggle to drive safely in the rain. But other drivers aren’t the only potential danger that comes from driving in bad weather. Bridges, which drivers rely

When we read or hear the words “bridge disaster,” most of us probably picture the same thing—a large bridge like the Golden Gate cracking in the middle and cars sliding off into the water below. This is what happened after the terrible earthquake in San Francisco, and what continues to

The folk duo Simon & Garfunkel released “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” in 1970. However, structural engineers and policy makers state the problem lies not with the water, but with the deteriorating quality of the bridges across the nation. In short, as a driver, you put your life potentially at risk

Many commuters cross bridges daily, whether it be over small rivers or larger bodies of water. We drive on the bridge and think nothing of the security and construction it provides to make sure we arrive at the other side safety. But, not all bridges are so safe. Luckily, there