Category: Elevator Accidents


When most people think of elevator accidents, the worst-case scenario often comes to mind, with the elevator plunging multiple stories. These types of accidents usually result in significant injury or death. But there are other, smaller elevator accidents that still injure many people every year. Of these, two common accidents

A tragic situation in Boston has left a young woman in critical condition. Lizzy Scotland, 22, plunged two stories after damage to an elevator door left an opening large enough for a person to fall through. The family has asked for prayers and privacy, desperately hoping their loved one will

In March of 2014 a 12-year old girl was seriously injured in an elevator-related accident in Soho. She had fallen 25 feet from the first floor to the sub-basement below. The elevator had been out of service. This youngster is very lucky that the elevator was not operating when she