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Parents expect that their children will be in a safe environment when they’re at school, but it appears that at one Long Island middle school, the administration didn’t do nearly enough to keep their students safe. A new lawsuit filed on Sept. 3 against the Northport-East Northport Union Free School

On November 15th, 2014, four employee were killed due to the leak of a toxic chemical at a DuPont manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. Now, a year later, a series of safety guidelines have been approved by the US Chemical Safety Board in hopes that a similar incident never occurs

Chemical spills in the home or place of employment are serious. Not only do they pose a threat to those in the area from the fumes, but once the product comes in contact with the skin severe burns may result. And, although the fumes might not produce any immediate burning,

In a rare case of on-the-job hazardous conditions and work clothing requirements, a machinist in an industrial plant blamed his ailments on a severe blister caused by wearing steel-toed boots required for his job. Because he was required to wear the boots he filed worker’s compensation for this injury. The