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Orthopedic Surgery Malpractice

Orthopedic injuries don’t discriminate. They affect young and old. Professional athletes and elderly senators are both susceptible to different orthopedic injuries for a host of different reasons. And, both may need surgical intervention to treat their respective injuries or ailments, whether it is foot and ankle surgery, spine surgery, hand surgery, surgical sports medicine, or even orthopedic trauma. While surgery is not always necessary, when it is, patients should be able to rely on their surgeons.

Orthopedic medicine is a discipline of medical service that focuses on the care given to those who require surgery to correct defects or injuries in their musculoskeletal system. It is a field of medicine that, after years of general training following medical school, and specific training in orthopedic surgery, should yield a practitioner of orthopedic surgery with a great deal of experience. That is why when a patient needs orthopedic surgery it is understandable that, they put much trust in their surgeon.

That is also why, when the trust that a patient puts in their orthopedic surgeon is broken, and they are injured by the very surgeon that they sought out for help, the patient feels wronged.

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How does Orthopedic Surgery Malpractice Happen?

At some point in the course of treatment of an orthopedic injury, a surgeon may need to operate. If the surgeon, waits too long to operate, this may result in injury to the patient. Conversely, if the surgeon operates, when it is not medically indicated to do so, there can be a negative result – beyond the otherwise unnecessary surgery.

Additionally, when someone suffers from orthopedic trauma, the risk of embolism or blood clot is increased. A patient with a fracture is at greater risk of developing a clot; and, blood clots can develop into a deadly pulmonary embolism.

Other instances of orthopedic surgery malpractice can occur when a surgeon fails to be cognizant of the signs and symptoms of an infection after an operation; or, does not adequately treat infection or refer their patient for treatment of the infection. Additionally, by failing to convey the risks and alternatives available to the patient, an orthopedic surgeon can be engaging in medical malpractice.

All said, in looking at how or whether orthopedic surgery malpractice has occurred, what is examined is, whether the orthopedic surgeon departed from good and accepted medical practice.

What are some of the Injuries that can Result from Orthopedic Surgery Malpractice?

Some of the injuries that can occur as a result of orthopedic surgery malpractice are:

  • Infection;
  • Need for further surgery;
  • Embolism;
  • Hospital admission;
  • Fracture;
  • Inability to walk;
  • Need for ambulatory aid;
  • Inability to work;
  • Need for medications;
  • Need for Rehabilitation; and Death.

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