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In the United States and New York, railroad accidents occur frequently despite the lack of national news coverage. There are over 600 railroads with 200,000 miles of tracks in the U.S. and while many accidents are minor, the potential for fatal and serious injury is alarming. It is estimated that a train accident occurs in the U.S. every ninety minutes due to violations in inspections and maintenance. Railroad accidents can result in lost lives, serious damage to the body and even hazardous material spills from the train’s cargo content.

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Railroad and Train Accident Statistics

In 2001, there were 3,023 railroad accidents in America. Of these accidents, 11,956 resulted in casualties and were the direct cause of 971 fatalities. In 2001, there were 3,237 accidents that occurred at highway crossings where automobiles and trains had accidents or collisions. Due to these accidents, both non-passengers and passengers on the train were put at risk.

According to the Federal Railroad Authority’s Office of Safety Analysis, from a period of January to November 2006, there were a total of 11,789 rail accidents that occurred across the nation. These accidents and incidents include train accidents, highway-rail incidents and other incidents that occurred in connection to a railroad. Of these 11,789 accidents, there were 841 fatalities and 7,235 nonfatal conditions.

In this same time period, 2,579 train accidents occurred in the U.S. The FRA’s Office of Safety Analysis reports that the causes of these accidents were attributed to human factor 35.17% of the time, track defects 35.94% of the time, equipment defects 11.8% of the time, miscellaneous causes 15.51% of the time and signal defects at 1.51% of the time.

Of these train accidents, 117 accidents involved passenger trains and 22 resulted in a release of a hazardous material.

In addition to rail accidents, highway-rail incidents at crossings are also frequent. The FRA’s Office of Safety Analysis found that of the 237,536 crossings that exist on the rail system, 2,640 incidents occurred. 327 of these instances were fatal.

Types of Railroad and Train Accidents

Types of railroad accidents involving both non-passenger and passenger trains may include:

  • Derailments
  • Collisions with passenger vehicles
  • Collisions with other trains
  • Accidents due to mechanical failure
  • Accidents at railroad crossings

Often it can be negligence on the part of the railroad, such as a lack of proper maintenance, or on the part of the operator that leads to these accidents. In these cases, the accident could have potentially been avoided had the railroad acted properly. Thus it is important to speak with experienced railroad and train accident lawyers in order to establish who is at fault. Contact one of our experienced New York Train Accident Lawyers today!

Some common causes of railroad and train accidents have included:

  • Defective equipment
  • Human error
  • Track and signal defects
  • Accidents resulting from individuals walking on or near train tracks
  • Trespassing in train yards
  • Injuries to railroad employees during their workday
  • Vehicle-train collisions at railroad crossings

Types of Railroad Accident Injuries

Railroad accident injuries are similar to injuries sustained in many motor vehicle accidents. These injuries can include:

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