New York City Hospital Nursing Errors Lawyers


Nurses provide patients with day-to-day care and are the eyes and ears of doctors. In most cases, patients will have more contact with their nurse than with any other medical professional. When nurses fail to provide care that meets an accepted professional standard, patients can suffer serious medical setbacks and even wrongful death.

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Nursing Errors and Medical Negligence

Nursing errors can arise because of errors made by individual nurses as well as negligence on the part of the hospital itself. In an effort to save money, some hospitals understaff nurses, leaving each nurse to care for more patients than he or she can safely handle.

Many of the nurse’s responsibilities involve monitoring the patient and reporting to the doctor on the patient’s condition. When this critical function is not performed properly, patients are put at risk.

Nursing duties include:

  • Monitoring patients for infection
  • Monitoring blood pressure and other vital signs
  • Administering medicine

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New York City Nursing Malpractice Attorneys

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