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Computers don’t make mistakes, or so we’re told. One of the advantages of computerizing medical records, prescribing systems, and other systems is to eliminate the chance of human error. People make mistakes, but computers can only do what they are programmed to do. Unfortunately, the fact the computer needs to

It is always exciting when a breakthrough occurs that fundamentally changes the way care is offered at hospitals, and a new system for administering analgesia stands to be one of those breakthroughs. A new study shows that Sufentanil, when administered by tablet, has similar outcomes to opioids administered on demand

Fall and winter mark the start of cold and flu season which is never a fun time for anyone. We invest in multiple boxes of Kleenex, and purchase extra bottles of cough and cold medicine, along with the medication to help us sleep through the night. Along with the average

It’s not unusual that, after a routine visit, our physician prescribes us medication for a condition or new ailment. When we turn that prescription in at the pharmacy, we assume that all components are communicated correctly–that the pharmacist can read the doctor’s handwriting or printout, and that the pharmacist is