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The True Tale: Nature has provided a remarkable human machine. It has formed billions of cells in the body, with each working harmoniously with its neighbors toward a common mission: to think, reason, speak, see, hear, feel, smell, walk, to support an immune system designed to fight off any domestic

The Washington Post has published a story about a retired nurse who suffered years of side effects from a surgery to remove her gallbladder. The surgeon incorrectly modified her liver, resulting in an odd side effect of significant itching. Years of scans were misread until a specialist recognized the symptoms

When cancer is suspected, oncologists will often order a CT scan of the area to determine how to proceed diagnostically. Finding tumors early is key to implementing a treatment protocol that results in the best possible prognosis, and a properly performed CT scan provides meaningful information to the physician. When

Reading between the lines is important when looking at the news. What is presented as positive often attempts to hide a negative that has existed for too long. That is the case with new research from the University of California San Francisco regarding radiation doses for people undergoing CT scans.

The smaller newspapers have started to notice. Though the Wall Street Journal and New York Times aren’t trumpeting it from their front pages, it is becoming harder and harder to ignore the damage done by CT scan radiation. The Ames Tribute recently ran a story about a woman who was