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The True Tale: Great composers and lyricists have the anointed gift of separating human emotions by turning their special creations into poetry. On point, and most recently, I saw a TV commercial announcing the future showing of an old movie filmed upon a hit Broadway musical. The film was “Annie”,

Vehicle accidents can occur from a variety of angles. The most common types include rear end collisions, t-bone accidents, sideswipe accidents, and head-on collisions. Of these, head-on collisions pose the highest risk of accident and death. There a number of reasons head-on collisions have a higher risk of fatality and

A major part of parents’ daily routine is bringing their children to sports practices and games after school and on the weekend. Concussions have become a growing concern in youth sports, with soccer being one of the most popular among both young boys and girls. Now, new guidelines are being

You didn’t hit your head that hard. At least that’s what you keep telling yourself. There are many times in life we bump our heads. Sometimes it’s as simple as trying to stand up too quickly after reaching under the table for a kid’s toy. Or we trip and fall