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When winter sets in and the days and nights turn chilly, it can be tempting to ride out the colder months indoors, particularly for adults with children who do not want to take the time to dress their youngsters in thermals and coats. But playing outside is linked to a

Dogged for months by reports of failure to monitor housing units for lead paint and other hazards, the New York City Housing Authority now stands accused of ignoring safety hazards in Harlem playgrounds after two children were injured by rusty equipment at the end of August, 2018. Rust is one

Most playground equipment poses some risk to childhood safety. A child can fall over the side of the slide, or be thrown by the merry-go-round, or fall off the monkey bars. But swing sets pose a particularly elevated risk of injury, due to a variety of factors, most of which

Playgrounds are supposed to be safe, fun locations where parents can take their kids to get some fresh air and sunshine. Playgrounds are often featured attractions of parks and other public open spaces, designed to entice children with promises of swings, slides, and social interaction. Unfortunately, many playgrounds, though fun,

Parents in New York City have spent the summer months complaining of rodent infestations in the city parks. The issue, in part caused by the city using mechanical traps instead of poison for six months per year, has left many in fear for their children’s safety. Rats can spread a