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If you’re ill or injured, you have the right to expect that you will receive responsible, attentive care when you visit a hospital for treatment. However, negligent medical errors occur far more often than many people realize, as researchers have pointed out in the prominent medical journal Studies in Health

Hospital malpractice refers to instances where negligence contributes to the injury or illness of a hospital patient. The hospital’s lack of reasonable care can lead to severe injuries and even death. For example, if a hospital staff member is hired without a background check, or understaffing prevents staff from delivering

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When healthcare providers do not meet the professional standards of care that the law requires, the resulting medical negligence or medical malpractice can harm patients. Medical negligence is notoriously difficult to prove. People who sustain injuries from medical negligence often face significant hurdles when trying to recover compensation to help

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One of the most critical components in any medical malpractice case is the evidence that supports your claim and proves that the medical professional failed to meet the adequate standard of care. Therefore, it is crucial that you secure all of the relevant documents related to your treatment. In addition

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Failure to diagnose (also known as misdiagnosis) is a type of medical malpractice where a doctor or medical provider fails to take the proper steps to determine the nature of the patient’s condition. Medical malpractice is defined as the negligence of a healthcare professional, which leads to the injury of a

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When you see a doctor or undergo a form of medical treatment, you trust that you will get quality care from a knowledgeable and experienced professional. Health care providers have a duty to take care of you. While there are plenty of highly skilled doctors and medical staff who routinely

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