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Medical malpractice can cause severe injuries, illnesses, and even death. People trust their doctors to provide effective and safe care. However, some medical providers make errors, endangering the lives of their patients. When their mistakes rise to the level of malpractice, their injured patient or their patient’s survivors can seek

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Medical malpractice usually occurs when a healthcare provider commits some error while treating a patient, such as failing to timely diagnose an illness or improperly performing surgery or other medical procedure. However, some medical malpractice cases arise from a healthcare provider’s failure to obtain informed consent from the patient or

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More than 1,000 complaints have been made against Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn’s Borough Park. These complaints were collected by the “Save Maimonides” campaign, an advocacy group established to combat neglect and mismanagement at the well-known medical center. Residents of Brooklyn have alleged that the hospital is in a state of

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Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional such as a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or anesthesiologist fails to uphold their usual standard of care, resulting in injury to a patient. If you were injured due to a healthcare provider’s negligence, you could be entitled to seek compensation for the harm you

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If you have been injured due to negligence on the part of a physician, surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, or another medical professional, you have a legal right to bring a malpractice claim against the provider or facility. Through a medical malpractice claim you could potentially obtain compensation for financial and non-financial

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Most people know that getting adequate rest is imperative to being a healthy, functioning human. But this is especially true for individuals in certain career fields, like healthcare, where fatigue and exhaustion can actually end up harming other people. The Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality reported that before a

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Anesthesiologists are required to adhere to the standard of care and closely monitor patients while they are under anesthesia. Anesthesiologists are also required to adjust anesthesia for every patient with their medical history in mind. They are also expected to make sure that post-anesthetic care is properly administered. When an anesthesiologist