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smartphone on the dash of a car, driving in upstate New York

It’s summer, school is out, and it’s time to hit the road to visit friends, family, or to vacation with those in your household. Whether you’re headed upstate or across the country, ensuring your vehicle is prepared for your trip is just as important as packing your bags and drawing

The rapid rise in acceptance of marijuana use in America has shocked many people. Where just a decade ago even medical marijuana was a rare commodity, now more and more states have turned to legalization of recreational use to boost tax receipts. There is no clearer sign of this burgeoning

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip, as kids are out of school and most of the country is warm enough to enjoy some outdoor time. Beaches are a common vacation destination in the summer, as the warm sand and cool water are both at perfect temperatures for

Though winter driving, particularly navigating icy roads, receives the majority of the attention when it comes to difficult situations, summer driving is not without its own difficulties. When a heat wave strikes, drivers should be aware of the changes in the environment, the changes in other vehicles, and the changes

The November 13 th , 2018 news that New York City and Arlington, Virginia would each host half of HQ2, the new Amazon second headquarters promising 50,000 jobs split between the two communities, led to a mixed reaction. Some New Yorkers greeted the news with excitement, particularly those intending to

Just a few years ago, many of the largest retailers changed their Black Friday strategy, opting to open their doors at 5 or 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving itself. This escalation in the shopping season arms race was both good and bad for shoppers. On the one hand, it provided more

In most jurisdictions, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) receive hours of training to ensure the highest quality of care is provided to those involved in an accident or other emergent health situation. Cities strive to ensure enough personnel is available at a moment’s notice to improve opportunities for good outcomes for

Elderly individuals and people with disabilities often have to rely on either the kindness of strangers, state programs, or public transportation to get to places like the grocery store or the doctor’s office. Unable to obtain a Driver’s License, limited options exist to provide people who can’t drive with the