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Anyone who has ever been in an auto accident that required vehicle repairs can testify to how annoying the process can be. Your insurance provider will usually direct you to certain mechanics in your area who are on their list of approved providers. You can use a different provider, but

It has happened to every driver out there—you are at a stop sign waiting to proceed through an intersection or make a turn, when out of nowhere comes another vehicle blazing by you. The driver had no regard for the stop sign now only visible in their rear-view mirror. While

A new study on long haul truck drivers has implications for other vehicle operators as well. The study, conducted by the University of Utah, attempted to determine what factors were most commonly associated with accidents. Researchers surveyed large numbers of truck drivers and asked them a few questions about what

According to the Andy Williams song, we are in “the most wonderful time of year.” The holiday season is a time for shopping, celebrations and visiting family and friends. Did you know though that it is also the most dangerous time of year to be a motorist on the road?

Too little, too late is a common saying, but sometimes it isn’t true. Sometimes it would be proper to say “just enough, too late,” when the authorities do the right thing only after something terrible has happened. A situation in Bloomington, Illinois is the latest example of just enough, too

When it comes to accidents on the highways, certain vehicles are associated with worse outcomes than others. Three types of vehicles in particular have these negative outcomes, either for the driver of the vehicle or for the people in the vehicle they hit. These three are: Motorcycles, where the small