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When a person consents to have a surgery performed, they do so because it will likely fix a problem or issues they are experiencing. While every surgery carries risks, people generally don’t expect that they will experience a new complication, illness, serious injury, or even death from the surgery. Although

A hernia occurs when damage to the peritoneum, the muscle band responsible for keeping abdominal organs in place, allows part of the intestines or another organ to protrude. In some cases, there are few symptoms that herniation has occurred. In others there is significant pain as well as clear bulge

After surgery to repair a hernia, the muscle in the damaged area often remains weaker than the surrounding tissue. Because of this, surgical mesh is often used to reinforce the area where protrusion occurs, with a goal of limiting the risk of recurrent herniation. In many cases, successful use of

It has been nearly a year since actor Bill Paxton passed away on February 25th, 2017 due to complications from heart surgery. Millions mourned a man who left an indelible mark on the motion picture industry, recognizing that all medical procedures carry risk, and assuming that due to his fame

Hernia surgeries are fairly routine as far as surgeries go. Hernias occur when organs or tissue protrude through holes in muscle tissue. Hernias can be excruciatingly painful, and even after they are repaired there can be lasting instability or weakness in the affected portion of the body. Some patients are

Intuitive Surgical is receiving glowing write-ups in many financial papers. Their technology, which uses robots to perform surgeries, is painted as the future of all procedures. Intuitive Surgical claims that having a doctor use joysticks and other interactive controllers to manipulate the surgical robot leads to less scarring and fewer

House Majority WHIP Steve Scalise was the most seriously injured victim in a June 14th incident when a gunman opened fire on a practice for a Congressional baseball game. Scalise was struck in the hip, with the bullet traveling through his body, requiring extensive surgery. Gunshots to the hip are

The Department of Defense spends hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons of war each year. These dollars are spent protecting the United States of America, and now includes spending money on procedures that also help people instead of destroying them. Recent findings indicate that the Department of Defense and