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A terrible blight has struck Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but the devastation is not destroying the crops. Instead, children on farms are being killed at an alarming rate. Machinery is responsible for the deaths of these children, and grieving communities barely have time to cope with one death before the next

Serious drought continues to plague California, driving up the cost of water for communities and making it more and more difficult for the local farmers to grow enough food to keep afloat. As the weather conditions continue to make life harder for the farm workers, the work becomes more and

Farms remain the center of family life for many Americans all across the country. From California to upstate New York, from Texas to Wisconsin, farmers are the backbone of the country. This style of living, though nowhere near as common as it was fifty or a hundred years ago, is

Living on a farm presents its own set of challenges. Ask anyone who grew upon a farm, or makes their living tending to a farm or ranch, and they’ll give you lists of accidents that can only happen in an environment like theirs. Farming accidents are a breed of their