Farm Equipment Accidents: A Heartwarming Tale from the Heartland


There’s an old term for men like them. They call them salt of the Earth. They are the types who you can rely on when things get bad. America needs men like them. Thankfully, America still has men like them. Sometimes it just takes terrible tragedy to make us realize how many good people there still are in this world.

When their friend was killed in farming accident, dozens of farmers around Yorkville, Wisconsin showed up and performed his final harvest for him. The family of the deceased was in a bind, unable to perform this necessary task themselves. Harvesting is both difficult labor and extremely time-consuming. Amazingly, this wasn’t the first time this group of generous individuals had proven themselves capable of such a task. A few years ago, when another friend was killed in an accident, they performed his harvest as well.

Stories like this warm the heart, especially during the holiday season. But don’t let the good news obscure the terrible truth. Farm accidents remain far too common in this country. In this situation, high winds blew over farm equipment, pinning the man underneath. Common causes of these accidents include:

  • Being crushed by farming equipment
  • Being killed or injured by falling objects while clearing trees or moving hay bales
  • Livestock accidents
  • Truck and tractor crashes

Though friends brought in the harvest this year, one year’s harvest won’t be enough to keep the family going indefinitely. Farm accidents, even those seemingly caused by weather and other random events, are frequently not as simple as they first appear. If you or a loved one has been injured in a farming accident, please contact a lawyer to help you determine the exact cause of the tragedy and hold the responsible party accountable.

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