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NEW YORK, NY – A story published yesterday and updated today in The New York Times discusses several incidents that occurred over the weekend as police and protesters clashed across all five boroughs. Demonstrations against police brutality are stretching into their fourth day as police continue to crack down with what has been widely

The New York City Council is currently considering passing the POST Act, which stands for Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology. The act is designed to allow the average citizen of New York City to have some knowledge of the surveillance methods being employed by the New York Police Department. These

On September 9th, 2015, James Blake was exiting a Manhattan hotel when he was accosted by police officers. Mr. Blake was pushed to the ground by an officer, who claimed to suspect Mr. Blake of credit card fraud. The officer failed to explain how a non-violent offense required a violent

In the past few years, the public outrage over racial discrimination throughout the New York City Police Department has reached a boiling point. Across the city protests sparked over the deaths of Eric Garner and Akai Gurley. Now, however, concerns about practices within the NYPD affecting minorities are being brought