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With Labor Day Weekend behind us, children in the tristate area are back in school, and drivers need to take notice. The increase of school buses on the road, children walking or riding their bicycles to school, and teenage drivers taking part in the morning rush, means it is vital

It is always troubling when something goes so wrong that a school bus has to be evacuated. But if the bus driver, the school, and the school district handle things correctly, parents are left reassured that their children are in safe hands. Unfortunately, it seems the authorities rarely handle things

The school year has barely started and the country is already being overrun with school bus accidents. Many parents struggle with the decision to have their child ride the bus, worried about all the things that could go wrong. This recent rash of accidents will only make that decision more

School bus accidents are always scary. Any accident involving small children reminds us how vulnerable kids are, how easily they can be injured or even killed. But even among children, there are some who are even more vulnerable than others, especially children with special needs. A story out of Lampasas,

Police in Baltimore have been charged with felonies for transporting a suspect in the back of a van without properly securing him after the man fell, broke his back, and died. Yet school buses around the country continue to transport children without seatbelts or other safety precautions, despite the fact

It’s hard to imagine an image more terrifying to parents. On March 24th, 2015, a Pennsylvania school bus carrying nine children plowed into a home, the front of the bus destroying a wall, the nose of the bus not even visible in the pictures shown on the evening news. Horrified

Sometimes we see patterns that just don’t exist. After all, the human mind likes to make sense of chaos, and we try to make sense of the terrible events that occur around us. It is important that we don’t just assume that correlation equals causation. But sometimes there really are

When the school designates a meeting location for the school bus to pick up your child, we assume that some research has been done to ensure that particular bus stop is safe. But, as we sometimes find out, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the bus stop just means that