Category: IV Infiltration


IV infiltration occurs when the intravenous catheter begins to leak medication or other fluid into surrounding tissue. This can happen if the needle is dislodged through patient movement, or if the IV was improperly set in the first place, or if the vein used for the catheter was too small

IV infiltration is a dangerous condition that occurs when the medication or fluid that should be distributed into the vein instead spills into surrounding tissue due to nursing error or patient movement causing the catheter to be dislodged. When this occurs, the medication that should be treating a disease or

It should not be up to the patient to monitor their own IV for infiltration, but oftentimes this is precisely what happens. It is only after the patient notices something wrong and hits their call light that a nurse makes a proper evaluation of the IV and discovers that infiltration

IV infiltration is insidious. Many times, the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are completely unaware it has happened until serious damage has been done to the patient. IV infiltration occurs when the IV fluids being administered leak into surrounding tissue either due to a misplaced IV or because the