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ATVs (or All Terrain Vehicles) are 4-wheeled vehicles designed to be ridden in a variety of environments, including through forest trails and on sand dunes. Popularly known as quads, ATVs are popular for outdoor recreation, and enthusiasts might perform tricks or jumps on them. A license is not required to

There is no amount of money in the world that guarantees nothing bad will happen. This is particularly true in situations where expertise and experience are required to prevent injury or accident. And, even expertise and experience cannot always protect us, as evidenced by plane crashes and other incidents where

All-Terrain Vehicles are a popular pastime for many Americans. Taking a few ATVs out on the weekend, whether as part of an overnight camping trip or just for a few hours of fun, can help people work out some of the stress from a long work week. But because ATVs

When people imagine an ATV accident, many picture a high speed collision with a tree or other obstacle. Some people will imagine falling off the vehicle while riding through the dunes or after hitting a bump in the forest. While these type of incidents do occur, one of the most

Two more riders operating all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) died on back-to-back days in Wisconsin in July, and the local authorities are trying their best to educate local riders about the dangers of the hobby. ATV accidents remain far too common in this country, resulting in hundreds of deaths and hundreds of

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, offer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors that entail less physical exertion than hiking. They can take us on dirt roads and trails in forests and deserts that are inaccessible to conventional cars. They cost much less than Jeeps and other four-wheel-drive vehicles, and you can load