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The True Tale: Americans buy products by the millions. All are intended for safe and effective use. But are they? Most are, but what about those that bring harm right to the consumer’s front door? Example; A motorized lawnmower that jams up and ultimately slices a hand due to a cheap

Takata, the embattled manufacturer of faulty airbags, is widely expected to pursue bankruptcy in the coming months. Industry insiders see no way for the manufacturer to continue doing business after agreeing to a one billion dollar settlement and pleading guilty to negligence in Federal courts. This is not the end

After nearly ten years of denials, Takata Corp. has finally pleaded guilty to criminal charges regarding hiding severe risk of death and injury associated with exploding airbags. These airbags were responsible for multiple deaths and hundreds of serious injuries due to the expulsion of shrapnel from the airbag. Takata had

Car manufacturers sometimes start by downplaying a situation: Stay calm, there’s nothing to worry about. The first sign that something is really wrong is when we are told that the situation is under control, or that it was only an isolated incident. It was only a few airbags that malfunctioned,