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When Type II Diabetes is discussed, a certain degree of victim-blaming often takes place. People are quick to point out that diet and exercise are associated with the development of this dangerous disease, with the implied assumption that individuals with Diabetes could prevent the chemical reactions occurring in their body

November was Diabetes Awareness Month, an opportunity for Americans to share their stories of coping with their illness. Most households in the country are affected in some way by this disease, as diabetes has become more and more prevalent in the last twenty years. Over 30 million Americans have been

The link between statins and diabetes has been well-established for years now, but most studies have focused on the general population, without recognizing gender differences and the biological changes the body undergoes as we age. Recent studies have begun to zero in on individual population cohorts, and we are beginning

The number of Americans with diabetes has increased four times over the past 30 years. In an effort to bring those numbers down, the Centers for Disease Control wants to bring awareness to prediabetes, a condition that affects 86 million people across the country, and is a precursor to type

It is well-established that certain disabilities are caused by developmental problems in the womb. Some of these, such as Down Syndrome, are caused by mutations, and there is nothing a mother can do to prevent these. Others, such as brain damage caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) can be attributed

It’s so easy to point the finger. As diabetes rates continue to rise in the United States, both among adults and children, so many people chalk it all up to the American diet. We eat too many carbs. We eat fast food too much. We drink too much soda. As

Diabetes is a difficult disease to manage. Though there are a variety of tools available to help people with the complicated task of monitoring their blood sugar, many people still struggle maintaining a balance without too many crashes or spikes. This is especially true for those doing their best to

Elderly Americans are among the most heavily-medicated demographic in the world. Many of these medicines are necessary, contributing both to longer life and sustained quality of life. There is no denying the miracles of modern medicine, and how much worse off we would all be without it. But, whenever there’s