Lifestyle Impacts on Development of Type II Diabetes


When Type II Diabetes is discussed, a certain degree of victim-blaming often takes place. People are quick to point out that diet and exercise are associated with the development of this dangerous disease, with the implied assumption that individuals with Diabetes could prevent the chemical reactions occurring in their body just by following certain protocols.

New research demonstrates that it is not so simple, and trying to boil such a complex diagnosis down to a few talking points is potentially irresponsible. There are a variety of lifestyle markers that are associated with Diabetes, including diet and exercise, but also socialization. People who are lonely are more likely to develop Type II Diabetes, indicating that victim-blaming should not be as commonplace as it is.

Most people do not choose to be lonely. Social isolation can occur for a variety of reasons, including other underlying conditions, such as depression or social anxiety disorder. Painting all Diabetes-sufferers with the same brush is not only in poor taste, it runs the risk of obscuring the multi-faceted factors that contribute to the prevalence of this disorder globally.

As Diabetes becomes more and more prevalent, recognizing the risk factors is important. Anything that can be done to minimize these risks or to prevent even a handful of cases could make a significant difference long-term. Equally important to recognizing risk factors is training physicians to properly diagnose and treat this illness.

If you or someone you love is at risk of Diabetes or is suffering from Diabetes, ensuring proper medical care is important. There are a variety of tools available to doctors to help minimize the side effects of this disease, including lifestyle changes and medications. Sadly, many doctors fail to help patients properly manage this disease. If you have suffered due to poorly controlled Diabetes side effects, please contact a qualified attorney.

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