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The True Tale: Nature has provided a remarkable human machine. It has formed billions of cells in the body, with each working harmoniously with its neighbors toward a common mission: to think, reason, speak, see, hear, feel, smell, walk, to support an immune system designed to fight off any domestic

For years and years, tobacco companies hid the cancer risk associated with their products, using hefty donations to politicians and the funding of pseudoscience in an attempt to keep people from discovering how dangerous cigarette smoke was. It is now established that the use of cigarettes is likely to lead

Expecting the tobacco companies to care about the health and safety of their customers is unrealistic. Time and again it has been shown that the only thing that matters is the bottom line, and they are willing to cause disastrous health problems to consumers if it increases their profits. There

The statistics are sobering. Though the most recent State of the Air released by the American Lung Association indicates that things are improving, too many Americans are still breathing unsafe air on a regular basis. Breathing unsafe air has been linked to asthma, lung cancer, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

As we head into Lung Cancer Awareness Month this November, a recent study has confirmed what many people may not realize—lung cancer is the largest cancer killer in women. And while over 106,000 women will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year and 72,000 will lose their battle with the

As medical marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, getting high has become the method of treatment for some people with certain diseases. Though the benefits of medical marijuana are still up for debate, many people believe in the powers of this plant. A recent article in the New

Lung cancer is one of the great scourges of American society, continuing to kill and disable thousands of Americans every year. Cigarettes are still among the most common causes, though other environmental factors including workplace exposure to carcinogens are gaining. Hundreds of thousands of Americans still work jobs where their

We all know about breathalyzers. They exist to make sure that drunk drivers don’t drive drunk, either as an interlock device for repeat offenders, or as a method for police to measure Blood Alcohol Level and make sure dangerous drivers stay off the streets. Drunk drivers are responsible for thousands

It’s easy to blame the victim. It has become accepted by a large percentage of Americans that those who suffer from lung cancer somehow brought it on themselves, as if a bad habit should be punished with a terrible disease. There seems to be something wrong with the idea that

It’s been the “go-to” form of screening for decades, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no longer recommends it. A new study out of Norway confirms that at best, the x-ray catches only 20 percent of lung cancer cases, and runs the risk of causing other diseases due