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Historic apartment buildings in New York may pose a threat to public safety if not properly maintained

Landlords in New York have a duty to keep the apartment premises and sidewalks safe. If there are hazards, damage, or dangerous conditions, they must warn tenants. If the owner of the property fails to meet the required standard of care, they can be held liable for negligence. Too often,

sidewalk grate in front of a NY apartment building

New York sidewalks must be kept in a safe condition to prevent accidents. One of the most common causes of sidewalk accidents in New York is vaults and grates that are broken, defective, worn-out, or otherwise present an obstacle that leads to injury. These issues are often preventable or easily

Woman walking as it starts to snow in NYC

New York City has many miles of sidewalks that are heavily trafficked by pedestrians. For this reason, it is critical the sidewalks are free of dangerous conditions that would cause injury. Sidewalk accidents in New York are commonly the result of a failure to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonably