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As of April 20th, 2018, thirty-one people have been hospitalized and dozens more sickened by a large scale E. coli outbreak stretching north to south from Alaska to Arizona and west to east from California to New York. The source of the contamination has been traced to Romaine lettuce from

An outbreak of E. coli in late 2017 left 26 people significantly ill and 2 people dead. An investigation by Canadian authorities linked the bacteria to Romaine lettuce, and the CDC simply took the report at face value and closed their own investigation despite differences in the bacterial strains between

Chipotle’s hope for a smooth 2016 is not going well so far. The Mexican restaurant chain has been subpoenaed in a federal investigation involving an outbreak of norovirus which sickened over 200 people in Simi Valley, California, last August. The company is still trying to recover from two E. coli

Mass production of food has replaced ancient societies where people grew their own crops, hunted game or raised livestock. While highly unlikely, a gulp of a drink or a bite to eat can lead to food poisoning sending the consumer to the hospital—or the morgue. One resident of Northern California