Year: 2015


A major part of parents’ daily routine is bringing their children to sports practices and games after school and on the weekend. Concussions have become a growing concern in youth sports, with soccer being one of the most popular among both young boys and girls. Now, new guidelines are being

The signs can be particularly difficult to see. Daycare abuse is staggeringly common in the United States, and many types of abuse leave very visible marks. If your child is punched, kicked, or pushed, there is likely to be a bruise. Scratches and cuts can be telltale signs that abuse

World Prematurity Day was celebrated on November 17th, 2015. Premature labor remains a major problem in the United States and worldwide, with the March of Dimes announcing that complications of preterm birth is now the foremost killer of young children. Though America is a first world nation in every way,

An 11 year old girl and her mother were killed when a car driven by a fourteen year old rolled over after the driver lost control. The driver, with only a learner’s permit, had very little experience with highway driving when the accident occurred. Sadly, these types of accidents are

When Gretchen Seth was struck by a car during the Sea & Sky Spectacular Air Show at the Beaches, she did everything right. According to WJCT news, she spoke with the sheriff’s officer who arrived at the scene, and she didn’t have any harsh words with the woman driving the

Sometimes nobody wants to drive, or there are so many people attending the same event that a caravan of cars is environmentally unfriendly. Sometimes a large amount of people need to get to the same far-off place for the same reason, or the company you work for would rather shuttle

Cruise tickets are frequently non-refundable, especially once the ship has set sail. Though not something travelers are happy about, most people understand that the cruise line company has to make a profit, and so long as it was the person’s own fault that something went wrong and they missed their

The vacuum is one of the most useful devices to have around the house. With the ability to suck dirt from crevices, the vacuum has long been a staple in most American homes. The basic technology is simple: a fan blows in the vacuum cleaner, creating a pressure differential that

Two years ago, on November 30th, 2013, actor Paul Walker and a friend, Roger Rodas, were killed after Rodas lost control of the Porsche Carrera he was driving. The two had been at a benefit hosted by their racing team. The car struck a power pole and nearby trees. Neither