Vulnerable Persons in Daycare Incidents


The signs can be particularly difficult to see. Daycare abuse is staggeringly common in the United States, and many types of abuse leave very visible marks. If your child is punched, kicked, or pushed, there is likely to be a bruise. Scratches and cuts can be telltale signs that abuse is taking place. But one of the most devastating forms of abuse often leaves few physical marks behind. It takes an experienced doctor to find the proof of what has been occurring.

Sexual abuse is more common at daycare facilities that most people think. A quick search through recent headlines makes it very clear just how prevalent this type of abuse is. Some of those stories include:

  • A 35 year old man in Falls Church, Virginia, admitting to touching and kissing an 8 year old girl on November 17th, 2015
  • A 40 year old daycare worker (and son of the daycare owner) in Billings, Montana indicted for molesting up to five children, including one as young as three years old
  • A 22 year old daycare worker (and son of the daycare owner) in Gresham, Oregon, pleading guilty to sexually abusing a three year old child

It is worth noting that the abuser in these situations is often family or a close personal friend to the owner of the daycare. People are more likely to overlook strange behaviors by those they care about, and friends and family of daycare owners are much more likely to be allowed continued access to children even after it is clear something is wrong.

If you suspect something is wrong, don’t hesitate to contact the police. The police can conduct a full criminal investigation, and the court system can send the perpetrator to jail for a long time. But the criminal justice system alone is often not enough to keep these types of events from recurring.

If your loved one has suffered daycare abuse, it is important that you contact an attorney. Though the criminal justice system may hold the abuser to account, only a qualified lawyer can help you hold the owners and people in charge of the daycare responsible for allowing the abuse to take place.

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