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holding a cell phone and looking at infotainment system in the car while driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents, being cited as a contributing factor in eight fatal crashes each day across the United States. There are many causes of distracted driving, ranging from wandering minds, looking at something besides the road ahead, to engaging in non-driving-related activities such as

There are many reasons people decorate their homes for Christmas. For some it is simply an expression of the joy of the season. For others, the hanging of the lights and decorations is a family tradition that bonds people closer together. And for some, the goal is to attract attention

New York State troopers cracked down in various jurisdictions on Thursday, October 25th, 2018, hoping to curtail a dangerous increase in distracted driving across the state. Hundreds of citations were issued to drivers for various infractions, including driving dangerously due to interacting with an electronic device. Troopers kept an eye

As distracted driving continues to cause thousands of accidents a year, technology companies are looking to curb a dangerous behavior they helped to create. Where twenty years ago distracted driving was a rarity, as cellphones and other devices have become ubiquitous, so too have the accidents caused by them. Now,

For decades the biggest risk to drivers was sharing the road with people operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Society eventually recognized how dangerous this behavior could be, but only after hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries and millions of dollars in damages. Fatigued driving

It is already against the law to text while driving in the state of Florida, but the police are not allowed to pull motorists over unless the driver is violating other statutes. Texting while driving is not designated a primary offense by legislators. But a new law, recently passed through

An eclipse made its way across America on August 21st, 2017. Though only a full eclipse in parts of the country, even a partial eclipse is a rare and awe-inspiring sight. Decades can pass between eclipses, and many Americans hosted viewing parties with specialty equipment and glasses to make it