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When reviewing medical journals and studies on the safety of various medications and procedures, it is common to come across the word “retrospective.” Retrospective means looking back or dealing with past events. In the case of medical literature, it means reviewing incidents that have already taken place to look for

Long-touted as a safe method of improving the efficacy of MRIs, Gadolinium has now been shown to be toxic to the human body, with the brain particularly at risk of suffering damage due to exposure and build-up. As Gadolinium is seen as particularly useful for brain scans due to its

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a commonly used diagnostic tool for a variety of suspected diseases. Whether attempting to determine the extent of a concussion or searching for cancer, MRIs have become ubiquitous in many fields, with hundreds of thousands of these procedures being performed every year. Often, GBCAs (Gadolinium

For years the medical community insisted that Gadolinium was completely safe. The company line was that the kidneys processed the substance and it passed through the body completely. When it was demonstrated Gadolinium could mass in injured areas of the body, causing long-term health problems, healthcare providers insisted this would