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The True Tale: Great composers and lyricists have the anointed gift of separating human emotions by turning their special creations into poetry. On point, and most recently, I saw a TV commercial announcing the future showing of an old movie filmed upon a hit Broadway musical. The film was “Annie”,

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) works throughout the city overseeing and monitoring construction projects. This department ensures that construction sites are safe, buildings are well-constructed, and that property managers and owners keep their property up to code. The DOB helps keep construction workers and civilians stay safe

Different businesses handle Thanksgiving weekend retail in different ways. Some businesses are opening their doors on the evening of the holiday itself, trying to lure in customers before budgets have been busted by midnight openings elsewhere. Others wait until midnight on Black Friday, and still others simply maintain their regular

As the calendar turns towards December, more and more Americans will start thinking about their holiday decorations. For many families, decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend is a tradition, allowing the two major days to blend into one seamless holiday season. The fact that kids are out of school for

Aggregating data is often a great way to find where problems exist. While individual incidences do not always attract much attention, when the numbers are compiled what might appear at first as a small problem is revealed to be a large one. This is the case with house fire deaths

Properties pose a variety of accident risks year-round, including tripping hazards, wet floors, misaligned steps, and improperly wired outlets. These hazards result in thousands of injuries every year, but certain seasons amplify these risks. Among those, Christmas and Halloween pose significantly increased risk. Over the last few decades, Halloween decorations

A St. Louis jury awarded former NFL running back Reggie Bush 12.5 million dollars due to an injury he suffered just off the field in 2015. Bush was a running back for the San Francisco 49ers when the injury occurred in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. The injury

The death of a Chicago teen has been ruled an accident. The case, which transfixed the nation after Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in a hotel walk-in freezer, can now have some small amount of closure. Still, the coroner’s report will not completely assuage fears generated by social media and

Having a few drinks with friends is a time-honored tradition for many adults, and neighborhood bars can be one of the best places to indulge and socialize. Finding the right bar for you and your friend, or spending an evening bar-hopping, can be a wonderful bonding experience. Though different establishments