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It has never been easier to be a landlord. Before the advent of the internet, landlords were on an island when it came to making sure they were doing what was right for their tenants. There was a lot of guesswork involved, and that guesswork could have tragic implications when

From the first time you saw one, when you were just a little kid, you suspected they weren’t safe. There was just something about the sliding sheets of metal rising and falling with no visible safety mechanisms that was downright frightening. But after seeing enough people use one, you convinced

Holiday and New Years celebrations are among the most wonderful times of the year. There are countless things to do to enjoy the holiday season. There are lights to look at m holiday choirs to hear, and countless traditional performances to see in towns all across the country. There are

If your family outing this week includes a visit to a zoo or wildlife park, you know how exciting it can be to be up close and personal with those critters. Many spectators enroll in feeding sessions, animal petting opportunities, safari trips and other ways to see and visit with

How safe are you as a consumer? You might think that you do your homework before purchasing a big-ticket item, or that you scrutinize the fine print on any warranties for appliances. But, how safe are you really when you are in the store itself? We don’t often think of

The 2013 December news about a ceiling cave-in at a holiday show in London brings many to the awareness that accidents like this could occur in a flash and without any type of warning. While parts of the building were in need of repair, there are many old buildings in