Icy Conditions Dangerous for Pedestrians


Navigating streets and sidewalks after a winter storm can be difficult for pedestrians. The magnificent skyscrapers that give New York City its internationally famous skyline also obstruct sunlight from reaching the pavement, resulting in ice lingering much longer than it does in sunnier locales. During a storm ice may melt and refreeze again, resulting in dangerous conditions where sidewalks are extra slippery.

Another factor that increases the risk of slip and fall injuries is that different groups are responsible for different sections of sidewalk and other thoroughfares. Where some organizations and businesses may take these responsibilities seriously, others may neglect them. A person may, over the course of a half-mile excursion, encounter drastically different levels of ice on paths.

Adjusting on the go can be difficult, as the body becomes attuned to certain levels of slipperiness, only to have those change sometimes dozens of times on one journey. In the pre-dawn and post-dusk hours when many people are making their way to and from work, these adjustments or even more difficult, especially when black ice comes into play.

This inconsistency regarding responsibility for various paths, entranceways, and sidewalks can also be an issue if you do slip and fall. Determining who to report the injury to can be particularly difficult for those who are inexperienced in researching such things. And when you have suffered an injury due to a fall, you are already dealing with the pain and other fallout from the accident.

If you have suffered a slip and fall accident, and you need guidance on how to proceed in holding the property or manager accountable, please consider consulting with an experienced attorney. A lawyer with years of experience in these matters can quickly ascertain the responsible party and held you make your case to get the compensation you are entitled to.

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