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John (a fictitious name) had been driving tractor trailers for nearly 20 years. Being behind the wheel of a powerful rig had always been his dream. And he was good at it. Living in the South with his wife and teenage daughter, he would usually pick up a load of

The True Tale: Haven’t we sometimes driven our car on a highway when a huge tractor-trailer truck has barreled past us, to our left or right, raising our anxiety and stress level to an extreme? Add those experiences to the weight and size of the average tractor-trailer and our anxiety

Tractor trailer accidents are not among the most common highway incidents, but they are among the most dangerous. In general, accidents involving semis and other large trucks are much more likely to result in significant injuries or fatalities. Tractor trailer accidents are extremely dangerous, but mostly preventable. Many if not

What could have been an absolute catastrophe resulted in only two injuries after a tractor trailer crashed into three homes early in the morning of September 17, 2018. The incident took place on Staten Island at approximately 6 a.m. when the truck, carrying hundreds of gallons of diesel and other

Loading cargo is one of the most important responsibilities for any trucker. Following all proper safe driving protocols is wonderful, but accidents can still occur due to improper loading. Confirming that all the proper steps were taken to ensure that everything is stowed and tied is the pivotal first step

A North Carolina teenager is dead after an accident between a pickup truck and a logging truck on November 28th, 2017. The high school sophomore was being driven to school by his father when the incident occurred. The pickup truck struck the back of the larger vehicle, dislodging a log,

Tractor-trailers and other semi-trailers pose significant dangers to other vehicles. This is why, before any large vehicle embarks on an expedition, a pre-trip inspection must take place. Drivers of big rigs are taught in CDL School the importance of these assessments, and how to properly ensure that all parts are

A fourteen year old girl is the newest victim. She was riding as a passenger on a tractor as it traveled on Highway 99 in Minnesota on August 6th, 2015. The tractor hit a bump, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, which ended up in a nearby