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The True Tale: In military talk, the term “GI” refers to a soldier. In medical jargon, “GI” refers to the gastrointestinal tract. This article salutes the GI tract. So, what is the GI tract? What is its function? What could go wrong? Let’s begin with the “What.” The GI tract

The True Tale: Nature has provided a remarkable human machine. It has formed billions of cells in the body, with each working harmoniously with its neighbors toward a common mission: to think, reason, speak, see, hear, feel, smell, walk, to support an immune system designed to fight off any domestic

The New York Times is reporting that younger men are increasingly dying from colon cancer. For the last year, scientific studies have indicated again and again that the incidence rate of colon cancer in this cohort was increasing, but doctors had theorized that this could have been the result of

If the thought of a colonoscopy makes you cringe, you are not alone. The day-before-prep is enough to make most people wince. Despite the unpleasantness, screening for colon cancer is not something to be taken lightly or even ignored. Now, with some alternatives to the dreaded colonoscopy, adults age 50-75