Category: Ladder/Scaffold Accidents


There have been many advances in construction equipment over the years to make the job easier for workers and to keep them safe. At the same time, whenever workers (not only in construction) take to a scaffold and are raised a significant amount off of the ground, there is always

Scaffold accidents claim the lives of many construction workers annually. Falls—including falls from scaffolding—remain the number one cause of construction deaths. The falls come from improper safety harnesses, unstable scaffolding, and reaching or working beyond components for which the equipment is capable. Certain states, through legislation, promote improvements to protect

Plaintiff was injured while performing removal of a storefront and demolition on a commercial center owned by defendant. Plaintiff was standing on a makeshift scaffold using two A-frame ladders. After cutting a portion of the facade of the storefront with a “Saws-All”, “the injured plaintiff turned to place that tool