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At first glance, Jet skis seem like a safe and fun way to enjoy the water. This illusion of safety is based in part on a popular misconception that landing in the water is less dangerous than landing on hard ground, as most people have jumped into the water on

Riding a jet ski on a warm, sunny day with the waves all around looks like the perfect summer fun. Unfortunately it is one of the most dangerous activities on the water. Over Memorial Day weekend a father and his 10-year-old son were killed during a family vacation in North

It happens every spring. The air turns warmer and we want to be outside. And there are few places better to enjoy the warmer weather than the ocean or a lake. And what’s a more fun way to enjoy water than to hop on a jet ski? Following proper safety

As the final long weekend came to an end over Labor Day this year, many took to last-minute travel and weekend escapes before the upcoming fall and winter season. Weather conditions nationwide were still favorable as picnic areas, camping areas and marinas were filled to capacity for those enjoying outdoor