Jet Skis Riskier Than Many Realize


At first glance, Jet skis seem like a safe and fun way to enjoy the water. This illusion of safety is based in part on a popular misconception that landing in the water is less dangerous than landing on hard ground, as most people have jumped into the water on many occasions in their life and not been injured.

It is true that water is not as hard of a surface as concrete, but hitting the surface at high rates of speed still generates enough force to knock a person unconscious. And where being unconscious after running into a wall poses few difficulties for rescuers, trying to find an unconscious person in a lake is much more difficult. If a Jet skier is knocked out and not wearing a life vest, the likelihood of survival is not good.

Though hitting the water is one of the big risks of Jet skiing, there are risks of hitting more solid objects as well. When operated at high rates of speed, it can be difficult to maneuver a Jet ski quickly enough to avoid boats or other floating objects. A Jet ski poses more steering difficulties than a car, and these steering capabilities are often not taken into account until it is too late.

Even when piloted correctly, Jet skis pose a risk to riders due to mechanical malfunction. If the motor stops suddenly or another problem occurs on the lake, the rider is stuck until someone saves them. Oftentimes, the rider will be launched from the watercraft if it stops suddenly.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a Jet ski accident, determining fault can be difficult, especially if mechanical malfunction occurred, or if the rider collided with another vehicle. Please consider speaking with an established attorney regarding your case, to ensure a proper evaluation of the accident takes place.

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