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As frigid temperatures swept the Midwest and Northeast on the last few days of January, the risk of snow squalls increased. Snow squalls are smaller, localized storms with brief heavy snowfall and winds. Much smaller scale than blizzards, the swift onset of snow squalls can lead to more traffic accidents

Public transportation is the heart of New York City. Each day, millions of New Yorker’s rely on the subway and bus system to get to where they are going, whether that be school or work of just for social calls. One of the city’s most important responsibilities to its people

Experts predicted a particularly powerful El Niño this year, and severe weather has been seen all over the country. This El Niño, the strongest since the late nineties, brought increased precipitation in many areas, as well as sudden shifts in weather patterns that caused a variety of major issues for

Daily inspection doesn’t make old machinery any newer. The best technicians in the world can only do so much to keep decaying equipment functioning. And yet many businesses continue to use old technology, even in situations where malfunction could cost people their lives. The mechanical failure of a ski lift

Cities and towns across the nation are finally getting it right. After years and years of children getting injured in sledding accidents in municipal parks and on other public property, city councils and other organizations are finally paying attention and putting an end to this dangerous activity. No longer will

While winter weather may mean the start of the holiday season, along with the joy of gift giving and family gatherings comes travel on roadways. We do what we can to be with our families even if it means travelling in storms, snow and ice. Sometimes a snowstorm comes with

The outdoor pond beckons you again this year, inviting you to take the day off and enjoy the winter surroundings. Year after year, you look forward to seasonal activities like skating, ice-fishing and walking along the perimeter of the pond. You’ve lived in the same place for years, after all,