Snow & Ice Accidents: On the Right Track


Cities and towns across the nation are finally getting it right. After years and years of children getting injured in sledding accidents in municipal parks and on other public property, city councils and other organizations are finally paying attention and putting an end to this dangerous activity. No longer will children be allowed to put themselves and others at risk for the sake of a few thrills.

There has been a negative response by many people, claiming these cities are being overly cautious, but when it comes to the safety of children there is no such thing as overly cautious. The statistics are staggering:

  • Over 10,000 children a year are injured in sledding accidents
  • Sledding accidents frequently involve head injuries, causing long term physical and mental impairment
  • Sleds reach speeds of approximately twenty miles per hour, almost as fast as the speed limit in a residential zone

Sleds obviously lack many of the safety features of cars, such as seat belts. There is nothing to protect a child from absorbing the full impact of the collision. The long-term health outcomes associated with these accidents is still unknown.

Sadly, though many cities are finally doing the right thing, not all towns are following in their footsteps. People find it easier to ignore the problem until a terrible tragedy takes place in their own town. By then it is too late to keep the child from being hurt in the first place. It is better to get on the right track before anything goes wrong.

As parents we can try to restrict our children’s ability to take part in unsafe activities, but when those activities are taking place at parks and other public places, it becomes more difficult. If your child has been injured in a sledding accident, please contact an attorney to help you pressure your city to do the right thing and ban this dangerous practice on public property.

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